Overview of Operational Plan

Through the conduction of academic research on diverse issues and phenomenon related to people’s lives and the dissemination of such research results, the institute devotes its activities to the improvement of people’s lives as well as the advancement and development of the community. In order to realise these, in 2019, we will continue to publish its research bulletin, Bulletin of Living Sciences (volume 42), hold regular study groups and research presentations by internal and external research associates, and host open lectures. We will also promote collaborative research projects conducted by our research associates and research fellows. During this fiscal year, we will continue our existing project, ‘A Study on the Daily Lives of the Elderly and Cognition’ (in its third year), and launch a new project, ‘Youth Participation and the Situation of Volunteering’. We will also endeavour to actively send out information through the institute’s website. We will continue to select candidates for Keiichi Mizushima Prize from the papers submitted to the institute’s bulletin.

Details of Operational Plan

  • Publication of the research bulletin, Bulletin of Living Sciences (volume 42)
    The bulletin is scheduled to include papers, research notes and data, which represent the results of research activities conducted in the field of living sciences and relevant fields. It will approximately be 200 pages, and 500 copies are to be printed.

  • Operation of the institute, and planning and conducting regular study groups and research presentations
    Monthly meetings are planned to be held mainly with internal research associates. The focus is on reporting the progress of research activities conducted by each research associate, research fellow and junior research associate. Severn or eight of these meetings will be spared for research associates taking turns and proving topics from their research activities, and the rest will be spent on internal research presentations. Furthermore, separate meetings will be held for collaborative research projects as required.
    As in previous years, a public research presentation is scheduled to be held in December.

  • Planning of the improvement of the institute’s homepage
    We will improve on the information provided on our current homepage, update and upgrade its design, and regularly update its contents. During this fiscal year, we will continue to make further improvements in the design of the homepage from the previous year. We aim to provide fulfilling contents through a more functional and easy-to-brows website. We will also make it sure to disseminate the information on the institute’s current research and education domestically and internationally.

  • Taking in new researchers
    We will continue to take in research associates and research fellows during FY2019. Both are required to present a research plan as well as research results (at the end of the fiscal year) primarily on the project(s) in which they involved through the institute.

  • Planning and conducting open lectures
    As previous years, we will plan and conduct open lectures targeted to the general public. The themes of open lectures are to be discussed and finalised during regular meetings in April and May. Taking into account the various factors such as the university’s internal events, we are planning to hold a one-day open lecture in either October or November as last year.

  • Planning of the operation of Research Project (6): A Study on the Daily Lives of the Elderly and Cognition (3rd year since FY2017)
    It is an important issue for the elderly to maintain the mental and physical health and to lead an independent and happy life while experiencing the pathognomonic changes in cognitive functions associated with ageing. In order to adequately support the elderly people’s high quality daily lives both in terms of body and mind, it is essential to clarify the relationship between the characteristics of the daily lives of the elderly and their cognitive characteristics. In this project, we will conduct interviews and surveys among the elderly, apply psychological methods for experiments, and examine the issue. The project aims to clarify the cognitive characteristics of the elderly by mainly comparing them to those of the young people. Up to the last fiscal year, we conducted interviews and questionnaire-based surveys. During this fiscal year, we will analyse the results and conduct the experiments which we were unable to conduct in the previous fiscal year.

  • Planning of the operation of Research Project (7): Youth Participation and the Situation of Volunteering (1st year since FY2019)
    In Japan, the roles of volunteers are drawing attention in the event of natural disaster and large scale incidents. Especially, young people’s participation in volunteering activities has received attention from the perspective of educational benefits with regards to educating formation of society and social participation (i.e. citizenship education) as it helps young people to actively participate in society by using their rights and duties as an independent member of society. Also, it is focused on the European policies around young people from the perspective of nurturing active citizenship. In this research project, we will conduct quantitative and qualitative surveys on young people’s participation in volunteering activities with the aim to identify its characteristics from the point of view of social participation.

  • Selection and awarding of Keiichi Mizushima Prize
    We will select a paper suitable for the Institute of Living Science Bunkyo University’s Keiichi Mizushima Prize out of excellent research results (i.e. select from the papers submitted to the research bulletin) by Young Researchers, which was set up in 2016, and award the prize to the qualified researcher. We have selected the first award winner in the FY2017. During this fiscal year, we are planning to select and give the prize to the second awardee.

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