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International Exchange Programs

Introducing International Programs at Bunkyo University.

Partner Institutions

Bunkyo University has exchange agreements with a worldwide network of partner institutions. Universities in New Zealand, the United States, Germany and China cooperate in such academic activities as study abroad programs and faculty exchange.

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Study Abroad Programs

Students at Bunkyo University can take advantage of a variety of campus-wide and faculty-sponsored study abroad programs. Short-term overseas training opportunities are between two weeks and a month long, held during spring and summer vacations. Full-year exchange programs, open to students who meet language and academic criteria, are offered at both partner institutions and other accredited universities overseas. Bunkyo University encourages students to join these programs by offering academic credit, tuition exemption and scholarships.

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International Students

Bunkyo University actively welcomes students from Asia and the rest of the world. To give international students the best academic and cultural experience, Japanese language study programs, scholarships, accommodation and advisory services are offered.

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