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Philosophy, Objectives, Policy

I. Diploma Policy

Rooted in our philosophy of Empathy for All Humanity Bunkyo University aims to cultivate individuals that have trust in humanity and possess a warm affection for all people. The University acknowledges graduation and confers Bachelor degrees to students who have accumulated the designated credits in our educational curriculum. Students acquire specialized knowledge and skills directly related to humanity and involved with the various issues facing modern society based on the following abilities:

  1. Ability to utilize specialized knowledge and skills
    The acquisition of the ability to utilize theoretical and specialized knowledge and skills in a particular field
  2. Ability to discover and solve problems
    The ability to continually discover and solve problems using the knowledge and skills acquired
  3. Practical application of Empathy for All Humanity
    Respect for others, leadership and communication abilities, and the ability to contribute to society proactively

II. Curriculum Policy

In order to achieve the educational goals stipulated in the Diploma Policy, with an educational foundation rooted in our philosophy of Empathy for All Humanity, each Bunkyo University curriculum is designed with courses in general education, liberal arts, and specialization areas based on the following policies:

  1. Curriculum design aims to provide with a broad education and to deepen knowledge in specialized areas
  2. Development of a curriculum that emphasize dialogue between the teaching faculty and students as well as implementing small-group education, such as seminars
    1. Implementation of small-group education during the 3rd and 4th year enables students to achieve learning outcomes, such as graduation theses, reports, and other works in graduation research courses
    2. Promotion of the acquisition of knowledge and skills through courses taught in various formats, such as lectures, experiments, and workshops
    3. Provision of career development including opportunities to anticipate future careers
  3. Provision of extra-curricular opportunities to acquire specialized knowledge and skills, such as communication skills through overseas study programs which include foreign exchange programs, internships, etc.

III. Admission Policy

Bunkyo University welcomes students with the following characteristics:

  1. Students who understand and sympathize with education rooted in Empathy for All Humanity
  2. Students with an interest in and desire to learn a specialized field taught within their chosen department
  3. Students possessing the level of education necessary to study in their chosen department

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