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Faculty of Human Sciences/人間科学部

Exploring and Scientific of humans

The modern world is in the midst of complicated family relations. Neighbors are less reliable and harmonious human relations are less sustainable than in the past. Many people feel it bothersome to build viable relationships with others. In order to tackle these problems, contemporary society needs to develop human resources who can research and comprehend humanity synthetically and profoundly. The Faculty of Human Sciences aims towards a general understanding of humans, focusing on psychology, sociology and lifelong learning with options such as cultural anthropology and social welfare. We established the Department of Psychology in the spring of 2008, accompanying the existing Department of Human Sciences and Clinical Psychology, as a result of our re-evaluation on how our learning and understanding of Human Sciences can contribute to resolve those problems the people of today are facing. Our three majors under Human Sciences are like "siblings" regarding their history. These relationships enables students to transcend academic barriers and to learn aspects from other fields that ultimately lead to an understanding of adjacent and supplemental academic domains.


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