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Faculty of International Studies/╣˝║Ţ│ě╔˘

Entrance to an international society

Planet Earth is like a global village where more than 7 billion people live. In the village, some of them are continuously glutting themselves with food, but others are struggling due to hunger and poverty. There are people who do not care about wasting energy, while some people are helping the cause not to spread environmental pollution. The Faculty of International Studies is designed to educate and train student's abilities to act from a global perspective - taking action while thinking of ways to interact with a variety of people in the world. This faculty consists of two departments: the Department of International Understanding and the Department of International Tourism and Hospitality Management. The Department of International Understanding helps raise studentsíă intercultural awareness and improve their communication ability. It also addresses international cooperation dealing with a variety of global issues. Social science is another area in this department. Areas of study in the Department of International Tourism and Hospitality Management include tourism, leisure, food industry, art and culture. Tourism and hospitality is a powerful measure for promoting intercultural exchange and understanding diverse values of the world. This department aims at equipping students with the ability to lead tourism and hospitality industries and cultural facilities from the viewpoint of citizens of a global community.

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