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Faculty of Language and Literature/ʸ

Aiming to foster a rich humanity through languages

No advancement in communications technology will change the way humans interact with each other through languages. Speaking, listening, reading and writing will remain important. Believing in the potential of languages during this ever-changing era and exploring issues related to languages will become the first step for people to achieve understanding about themselves, different cultures and different societies. The Faculty of Language and Literature has established four departments to help students acquire foreign language skills and deepen their knowledge and understanding of language-related culture in the East and West while reflecting the reality of the rapidly internationalizing community. The Department of Japanese Language and Literature is designed to teach the Japanese language and literature from global points of view. The Department of English Language and Literature is intended to help students learn about the livelihoods, philosophies and cultures of English-speaking people through study of their language and literature. The Department of Chinese Language and Literature is aimed toward deepening students’ understanding of China through studying its society, art, culture, history and people, as well as its language, literature and philosophy. The Department of Foreign Languages concentrates on preparing students for careers and future opportunities to use English and at least one other foreign language. This faculty’s aim is to foster education for leading roles in the global community by sticking to language, which is the starting point of knowledge.

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