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Special Postgraduate Course Education Major
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The special postgraduate course is a one-year program for college graduates based on the School Education Law. We have a limited enrollment of 15 students and a minimum requirement of obtaining 30 credits while in this course. We focus on three kinds of abilities in order to acquire advanced and practical leadership: the ability of instructional design, the ability of classroom management, and the ability of problem-solving in an educational business field. Upon completion of this course, students acquire teaching credentials for elementary school equal a Master’s degree. For students who graduated from a four-year university with Secondary School Teaching Credentials for elementary school, they can audit classes in the undergraduate program for education majors to obtain Elementary School Teaching Credentials. The expert staff in elementary school education will assist students in honing their teaching ability, provide counseling on teaching practice throughout the program and after program completion. Many of our staff possess valuable experiences as elementary school educators, as principals or supervisors of school boards.

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