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Build an Ability to Accommodate the Real World

These days it is widely recognized that humans are not just a labor force but a source of creativity. Since humans are resources who grow companies and nations, we have been focusing on human resource development. Ordinary businesses in the world have been competing through cutting costs since the Industrial Revolution. However cost efficient management faces its limit because of diminishing marginal productivity. We aim to foster students with a talent for humanity to break through the current stagnating to the situation. We also believe humanity will be required in every single business scene. Our Faculty of Business Administration aims to encourage our students to build their knowledge of Economics, Accounting and Management with humanity. Students will have face to face contact in small-sized lecture classes. We aim for a completely different mass production education system that will be effective in making good relationships between faculty members and students. We believe “a good relation” will lead to “a good result.” We provide the three courses of Business Administration, Public Service and Accounting, which students can adapt to their own goals. Furthermore, our program will enhance opportunities for our students to study and another world through our study abroad programs in Asia, the United States and Europe. We are now planning to carry out intensive trial classes for Economics, Finance, Accounting and Presentation development through an English-medium.

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