Alumni Voices and Career Paths

Detailed career guidance to facilitate entry to undergraduate or graduate school

We consult students about their career choices and provide support so that they can pass the entrance exams to Bunkyo University or another university of their choice. Students who wish to enter Bunkyo University can make use of the recommendation system. We check applications to the university of your choice and we also support your preparations for interviews.

Students who enroll in Bunkyo University may be eligible for scholarships or tuition fee reduction or exemption*1

Students who enroll in Bunkyo University (undergraduate or graduate program) will be awarded scholarships when they complete the program. Students can also opt to receive the scholarship after enrolling at the university.

*1 Only those whose applications pass are eligible.

Bunkyo University recommendation system for the Foreign Student Department

Some faculties at Bunkyo University have introduced a system of entrance examination by recommendation for students in the Foreign Student Department who have achieved excellent grades. If you are recommended, you may be able to take the entrance examination by interview or oral examination only.

Main destinations (public universities, postgraduate schools)

  • 大阪教育大学
  • 筑波大学大学院
  • 山梨大学
  • 埼玉大学大学院
  • 東京外国語大学
  • 自治医科大学大学院
  • 高崎経済大学
  • 東京都立大学
  • 熊本大学大学院 他

Main destinations (private universities, postgraduate schools)

  • 文教大学
  • 日本女子大学
  • 共栄大学
  • 文教大学大学院
  • 武蔵野大学
  • 麗澤大学
  • 慶應義塾大学
  • 法政大学大学院
  • 西武文理大学
  • 上智大学
  • 専修大学
  • 明治大学
  • 東洋大学 他
Voices of Current Students and Alumni

    Coming from the other side

    My name is Ricardo, I am 29 years old and currently an international student learning language Bunkyo University. Before I came to Japan to study Japanese, I was looking for an educational institution that shares the same values as me. The "Empathy for all humanity" mission statement of Bunkyo University caught my attention. As an educator myself, who has taught English as a second language, I do believe that lack of empathy makes learning nearly impossible like a barrier between teachers and students.

    All teachers and staff from Bunkyo University have been really kind to me, even before I arrived in Japan. Since then, I have learned a lot from them. Besides, I am having the opportunity to socialize with other Japanese students and students from other different parts of the world, which have enriched my study abroad experience as well.  

    I have many different classes from Monday to Friday, such as JLPT preparation, Integrated Japanese, Geography, History, Kanji, Living in japan, Academic Japanese classes etc. as well as extra activities, lectures and events. I am busy everyday as there is homework to be done, presentations to be prepared, texts to be read and it takes some time to get used to everything. But we, students, also need some time for immersing ourselves in the Japanese culture. So I have tried different food as much as I can, practiced the language with friends and gone sightseeing around the city. So far, my favorite one is Asakusa and I am looking forward to my summer vacation to visit many other places.

    The next step is getting myself prepared for the Master's Degree program. For this, I still have a lot of work to do on my Japanese and research area. I listed a number of reasons why I chose Bunkyo University as the best place to take my study abroad program in Japan and I am thankful for everyone who is part of this journey. 

  • 欧金鑫


    写真 Harisudin Muhammad Khalil


  • 周芷煊


    写真 李 楽俊


Q&Aabout career paths

What kind of career guidance does Bunkyo University provide students who want to enroll in undergraduate or graduate programs in Japan?
The compulsory classes on student life in Japan provide career guidance including help with deciding where to apply and preparation for entrance examinations. Outside the classroom, we also support students individually by, for example, checking their applications so that they can enter the university of their choice.
What are the advantages of enrolling at Bunkyo University from the Foreign Student Department?
As mentioned above, you may be eligible for scholarships or tuition fee reduction or exemption.