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Graduate Programs

Special Postgraduate Course

Education Major

Undergraduate Programs

Faculty of Education

School Education Course
Human Development and Education course

Faculty of Human Sciences

Department of Human Sciences
Department of Clinical Psychology
Department of Psycology

Faculty of Information and Communications

Department of Information Systems
Department of Information Society
Department of Media and Communications

Faculty of Language and Literature

Department of Japanese Language and Literature
Department of English Language and Literature
Department of Chinese Language and Literature

Faculty of International Studies

Department of International Understanding
Department of Internatinoal Tourism and Hospitality Management

Faculty of Health and Nutrition

Department of Registered Dietitians

Faculty of Business Administration

Department of Business Administration

Foreign Student Department

All classes and instructions are basically conducted in Japanese. Proper Japanese language ability is an essential skill for study in Bunkyo University.

Refer to the e-mail addresses shown below for further information on admission.

Applicants for Graduate Schools, Bunkyo University undergraduate programs and Special Postgraduate Course, please refer to

Applicants for the Foreign Student Department, please refer to

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