Overview of the master’s program

Educational and research content

Based on the knowledge of information systems, the informatics major of Graduate School of Information and Communications, carries out highly specialized education and research on information technology that can fully utilize the capabilities of information systems, information technology required for content design, and commercialization and business-related information technology.


Graduate School of Information and Communications takes cultivation of information technology professionals of high level as goal. In the course of curriculum development, the “informatics foundation” related courses of information system knowledge base and the “information content” and “commercial information” in the application field are effectively and balancedly configured. For example, students who are interested in content business in the future can master the basic knowledge of information technology in information content by studying the courses in the field of “informatics foundation”, and master the latest technology related to content production by learning the courses in the field of “information content”. . Students who are interested in system development in the future can learn the basic knowledge necessary to find out and solve problems by studying the courses in the field of “informatics basics”. For business applications of system design, in the process of course study in the field of “business information”, students can continue to dig into and deepen research.

Completion requirements

To graduate, it’s required to study in the graduate school for more than 2 years, obtain more than 30 credits, and pass the master’s thesis examination and final examination on the basis of receiving the necessary research guidance. The school will assign instructors for each student from the first grade. Students need to take courses under the guidance of the research instructor and obtain the required credits.

  • In principle, students can choose from research instructors designated for their chosen major based on their own research plan.
  • The research guide is implemented by the research instructor at a given time to discuss the content and the process with the students.


Those who have completed the Master’s Program in the Graduate School of Informatics will receive a Master’s degree.(Informatics).