About Curriculum


This research is characterized by the ability to simultaneously study information systems courses and information content courses and to conduct a comprehensive study of both. In the Graduate School of Information and Communications, you can master the basic knowledge of information technology through the course and study and guide the knowledge of the training information system and the application ability of the technology. The course is divided into three categories: “information basis”, “information content” and “business information”. Through the balanced learning of these courses, the knowledge can be effectively applied to the comprehensive research of information systems and information content.

Information base

Basic course of information system technology
  • Social Systems Advanced
  • Social Systems Advanced
  • Informatics Advanced(※)
  • Information Systems Advanced
  • Information Mathematics Advanced
  • Project Management Advanced
  • Qualitative Analysis Method
  • Informatics: Study Practice

(※) Basic study course for research activities

Information content

Information processing and performance and content production
  • 3D Content Advanced
  • Web Content Advanced
  • Video Media Advanced
  • Graphic Design Advanced
  • Content Planning Advanced
  • Content Evaluation Advanced
  • Information Design Advanced(※)
  • Human interface system advanced

(※) Basic study course for research activities

Business informatics

Information necessary for information system technology in commercial applications
  • Managerial Accounting Information Advanced
  • Management Strategy Advanced
  • Financial Accounting Information Advanced
  • Information Strategy Advanced
  • Finance Advanced
  • Mathematical Modeling Advanced
  • Management system Advanced(※)

(※)Basic study course for research activities

Research guidance

The Graduate School of Information and Communications is constantly improving the professionalism of information technology for graduate students. At the same time, for the preparation of master’s thesis, individual guidance is given to graduate students by the research instructor from the first grade. The choice of research instructor can be selected through research guidance and instructions at the time of enrollment.

Completion requirements

  • (1) Obtain more than 30 credits in the course.
  • (2) Submit a master’s thesis and pass the eligibility requirements


  • Master’s Program (Time required to obtain a degree: 2 years)
  • Degree available: Master of Information and communications
  • Number of students enrolled: 6 (maximum capacity 12 people)