Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean of the Graduate School

In an age of information overflow and information itself is valuable, we will develop human resources who can cultivate and master information.

The Graduate School of Information and Communications is established on the base of the Faculty of Information and Communications of Bunkyo university, which was the earliest established Information Science Department in Japan (1980 -). Speaking of science, Galileo Galilei, famous for his astronomy, was a scholar in the 16th century. In mathematics field, Pythagoras, who is famous for the Pythagorean theorem, was a scholar lived in more than 500 years before christ. It can be said that human research on information is still at a nascent stage.
However, the narrow view that the study of information is started after the using of computer,and the content of information research is only to learn the knowledge of computer is indeed too hasty. It is easy to find that the historical records of BC were also obtained from textual information. Textual information becomes visual information, and thoughts in the brain are generated when nerve cells transmit information. After all, aren’t the ideas that come to mind all generated by information? Based on this way of thinking, our exploration of “life” is precisely the act of learning “information”. The act of researching information may be still new, but the search for information is fundamental and and the search for information itself can also be said to be the pursuit of “Empathy for All Humanity,” which is the spirit of our university. In the Graduate School of Information and Communications, we will further master the “information” that we have learned and nurtured in the undergraduate course or in social life. We aiming to cultivate high-end talents who have the ability to enrich human life using information systems, the skills to create and evaluate and analyze content on their own, form an understanding of the information society, and have high capabilities in the fields of information systems, information management, and information content. In the Graduate School, we have set up the lectures to foster research work to cultivate abilities as researchers and the coursework lectures to master specialized fields. In addition, research supervisors with rich and varied research experience in research fields are equipped. You can proceed with your research under the supervision of a research supervisor who matches your interests.

Masami SANO、Ph.D.