Research room

A special research room (postgraduate room) is located on the 4th floor of the 1st Hall of Shonan School Building, which is equipped with tables and chairs. At the same time, it’s equipped with a computer that can connect to the campus LAN, so that graduate students can use the research room to concentrate on their own research every day.

Web environment

Graduate School of Information and Communications is equipped with a wired LAN as well as wireless LAN. You can concentrate on research anytime, anywhere. In the meanwhile, you can borrow the handheld computer needed to connect to the network.

Knowledge corner

Next to the postgraduate room, a special knowledge corner for facilitating exchanges between graduate students and reading newspapers and magazines is set.

Exercise room

Zeminars can be conducted in the postgraduate school. However, to better concentrate on zeminars, a training room ready for use is available next to the research room.

Information Building / Image Studio

Courses in the Graduate School of Information and Communications require high-specification instruments and special software data. These devices are also free to use in their spare time and are very helpful for research in all areas of the student’s field of study.


A dedicated reading space is set in the library, which provides an environment where you can look up books and organize your existing research.