Student Voice

Graduate School of Information and Communications, Master of Information and communications 1 year, Fumiya Sato

Relief of traffic jam

From the time of the third year of my undergraduate study, I began to study how to eliminate the blockage of the main cause of highway congestion (the part of the road from the downhill to the slope). I hope that by studying, I can contribute to the one of the social problem of traffic congestion. Then I decided to go to graduate school. During my undergraduate study, I learned to advance things according to plan, even if I failed. When I entered the graduate school, I was working hard under the guidance of the research instructor for the results of the research project that I undertook at the time of my undergraduate course to be published on top magazine. Through research activities, I constantly improved my theoretical thinking ability and prepared for the improvement of professional experience after graduation.

Graduate School of Information and Communications, Master of Information and Communications, 1 year, Shiori Aoyanagi

New world learning

I am mainly engaged in the study of unique words appearing on the Internet. During undergraduate studies, I had language education and developed a strong interest in Japanese linguistics. Because I want to not only study from the perspective of glottology, but also from the perspective of informatics, I decided to go to the Graduate School of Information and Communications for study.Although resembling the content of undergraduate study, the research content took a completely different route. I felt that my knowledge is not enough and I had to study hard every day. But I have never regretted going to graduate school. Being exposed to a world that has not been touched so far, it is very enjoyable and fulfilling every day. If you are hesitant because the research belongs to different fields from what you have learned before, I hope that you will not hesitate to choose to pursue further study.