Various qualifications

To further develop the knowledge learned, the following qualifications can be obtained. The University also has various support for obtaining qualifications.

  • ITパスポート試験
  • 基本情報技術者試験
  • 応用情報技術者試験
  • プロジェクトマネージャ試験
  • ネットワークスペシャリスト試験
  • データベーススペシャリスト試験
  • 情報セキュリティスペシャリスト試験
  • Webデザイナー検定
  • CGクリエイター検定
  • CGエンジニア検定
  • 画像処理エンジニア検定
  • マルチメディア検定
  • 税理士

About exemption system of examination subjects of certified tax accountant qualification examinations

In this graduate school, for those in relevant research of accounting with a master’s degree obtained and the research content has been identified by the National Tax Agency as the relevant subject of accounting, the examination of the accounting subject in the certified tax accountant qualification examination can be exempted. For details, please refer to the “Revised Q&A of the Exemption of Examination Subjects for Degrees in the Certified Tax Accountant Law of the National Tax Agency HP.